earth film festivalCelebrating Earth Week, The Grey Sauble Conservation Foundation is hosting the third annual Earth Film Festival on Thursday, April 19 at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound.

The two films feature the beauty of the Canadian north: Canoe-Icon of the North, produced by Jason Eke and Where the Universe Sings-The Spiritual Journey of Lawren Harris, produce by Nancy Lang. (Lawren Harris, founding member of the Group of Seven.) "We are thrilled to have both producers in attendance at our events to share their experiences of producing these films" said Don Sankey, Chair of the Foundation. "As well, the Foundation invited Grade 6 to 10 students to attend a special matinee on the 19th where both producers will speak to the students before each feature. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about photography, history, videography and so much more! We are happy to say that the matinee is sold out"

The evening event will also feature both producers that will share highlights about their filming before each film is shown. Tickets for the 7:00 pm show are on sale at the Roxy Theatre for $25. It is a great opportunity to learn about our Canadian icons, meet the producers and ask questions about their production.

Our festival is raising funds to assist the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority in many of their revitalization of their properties. All profits raised will be donated to the Authority. A long range plan is being developed to maintain and improve the many properties supervised by the Authority. Last year's proceeds repaired the Bognor Marsh boardwalk and built a new footbridge at the Jones Falls/Pottawatomi hiking trail.

We are proud of our local businesses for their sponsorship to assist in the costs of hosting the film festival.

Tickets are on sale at the Roxy Theatre for $25. Roxy Theatre, 519-371-2833.

source: media release, Grey Sauble Foundation's Earth Film Festival

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