If you are thinking that the knitting and crocheting bee is something from by-gone days, or just for the "older set" you would be quite mistaken. A "Yarn Square Party" on Thursday, April 26 from 6 to 9 at
St. George's Church is open to everyone.
The church has become a community gathering place recently, and as happens everywhere that people begin to know and enjoy each other's company, good things are growing.
"Some of us like knitting or crocheting for kicks and self care," said a 33-year old who takes her one-year old along, "so we put out a call to the community for like minded people to combine their yarn powers for good."
The party is a drop- in to make rectangles that will be used by Michael's to make patchwork blankets for the hospice and others who may need them.
"It's a grassrootsy/ informal initiative, the reach has been more communal than corporate in representation... however this doesn't preclude anyone from participating be they yarn shop owners or aunt Marge with the obsessive yarn buying habit."

More information at the Facebook event page.

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