There is only one you! This is the message that the first art project at East Ridge Community School in Owen Sound is embodying. Based on the book, "Only One You", by Linda Kranz and the work of Jessica Moyes at Sharon Elementary School in Indiana, every member of the East Ridge school family is painting a rock to celebrate their ERC3individuality, personality, and uniqueness. These rocks will be displayed, as a permanent art installation outside the school, to welcome visitors and show how each student at East Ridge is proud of how they are unique and different. Each participant will have their rock returned to them when they leave the school with new ones added as students and staff join the East Ridge school community. The Grade 6 French Immersion class has been leading the project, which has provided students with an opportunity to show their leadership. United in one project, it has been a great way to bring the school together with art and literature.


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