On September 17 of last year 92.3 The Dock and this community lost one of its members who made a difference in people's lives every day. 53 year old Bob Wallace was a great community advocate, fundraiser and exceptional radio personality in Owen Sound. He enlightened so many lives with his selfless contribution and his gift of connecting with people from all walks of life.

Many mornings Bob could be heard on the Dock giving the time .... at 8:08.... asking the proverbial question... what does that spell? Why... Bob of course. We used to refer to it lovingly as Bob O'clock. It happened several times a week. It became his "thing".

When we lost him last year due to complications resulting from an undiagnosed case of leukemia 8:08 became a symbol - for Bob, for love, for doing good in our community,  a community of people he cherished very much.

This year, on September 17th 92.3 The Dock would like to honour Bob with '808 good deeds' throughout our community represented by #808gooddeeds

We'd like this campaign to stretch throughout the city of Owen Sound and across Grey Bruce. People doing good deeds for other people. We'd like YOU to get involved on any level you can. Maybe you help your neighbour cut the lawn. Maybe you make a donation to your favourite charity. Maybe you pay for the coffee of the driver behind you. Whatever you like on September 17th in Bob's honour. We'd love for you to share it on social media with a photo or a few words and definitely the hashtag #808gooddeeds

For our part, The Dock will be involved in a number of good deeds that day. We have enlisted the help of our friends at to offer a limited edition 8:08 coffee mug for a donation to this station's Radio for Oncology campaign for which we are raising money for cancer care at the the Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Bob was a relentless supporter of this cause helping to raise thousands of dollars each year.

We will also be partnering with Owen Sound Police Service and Zehr's Markets to host a charity BBQ at that day from 11-1 with proceeds again going to R4O.

You will also find our staff handing out gift cards that day courtesy of Tim Horton's....also one of Bob's FAVOURITE places. (He was an XL double double)

We hope YOU can get behind this initiave and help us reach 808 good deeds in memory of Bob Wallace, whom we all miss very much.

We leave you with Bob's own words that he left listeners with each morning when he signed off - "Take care of each other. Cheers."

source: 92.3The Dock with permission

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