On Tuesday, Oct. 2, all of the Kindergarten students, staff and a number of parents from Alexandra Community School had the MWik1opportunity to visit M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre. The "Alexandra Eagles" got the opportunity to participate in traditional drumming, dancing andsinging. As well they learned about smudging and were taught how to say a number of words in Ojibwe (example hello – Aanii, thank you – miigwetch etc).

Principal Dan Russell said, "Our learning at the Centre ties in nicely with our Eagle Feather Assemblies and the work that Alexandra School is doing with the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Tanya Coulter and Robyn McKenzie, our hosts from M’Wikwedong, were absolutely wonderful with our staff, children and parents! At the end of our visit, we were treated to bannock and maple syrup. What a wonderful learning experience for our children and a great partnership we have with M’Wikwedong!"

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