food drive1Back in September, our local Food Bank announced that they were running low on donated food which meant that some families in our community might not have enough to eat this fall. We are proud to say that Alexandra Eagles answered this call for help.

Our grade 5/6 class, led by their teacher Greg Courage, challenged the entire school to bring in as much food as possible over a two week period. For the grade 5/6 students this was a great learning experience. As part of their language program, they created public service announcements that aired on Eagle Radio and posters that went up around the school. In math, they tracked the number of food items that each class donated and used that data for a number of activities. The entire school got very excited about this challenge and when Greg introduced the Food Drive Cup as the prize for the top class, the race was on! A number of classes were neck and neck until the final day of the food drive. On Friday, October 6, our grade 7/8 leaders gave one last push to reach the top.

In total, Mr. Fullerton’s grade 7/8 class brought in 448 pieces of food! For the whole school, the final tally was 1671 food items. This is more than double last year’s total! We are very proud of our entire school family for working together to make sure that no one in our community goes hungry!

terry fox 2Last Thursday, Alexandra also held its annual Terry Fox Run. The entire school participated. We had a perfect day for running the track at Victoria Park. Through our Twoonies for Terry drive we raised $372 for cancer research.terry fox 1

source: media release, Alexandra Community School

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