2018 2022 TrusteesBluewater District School Board held its Inaugural Meeting of the Board on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. The following elected and acclaimed trustees took their oath of office for the 2018 – 2022 term:

Tracy Lynn Atkinson Township of West...

tree removalBy December 31 of 2018 the Municipality will be removing 6 trees in the downtown core, weather permitting. This includes 4 trees along Trowbridge Street between Sykes Street and Cook Street, and 2 trees along the west side of Sykes Street North (in front of Blossoms and...

47187847 188376222116879 667986041524715520 nThere are two reasons you want to mark December 7 on your calendar and be at the Roxy Theatre at 7:30.

The first is a great night out - The Return of Buddy Holly.  Starring Gavan Rousseau as Buddy Holly, the audience will be brought on a musical time travel back to 1956 when Buddy Holly first hit the scene....

vs logoA police officer is standing there. His lips are moving, and she hears some of the words, “John”, “accident”, “sorry for your loss”. Nothing else makes sense.

All of us fear this kind of...




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