In case you're in the dark about the upcoming total eclipse of the sun on August 21, let the Owen Sound Hub enlighten you.

The moon's shadow will track across the middle of the USA, so from where we stand (or sit – easier on the neck) it will only be visible as a partial eclipse – about 70 percent or so. The view from the "path of totality" (sounds like something from John Bunyan or Harry Potter) will be available to us here in the 21st century by live-streaming, which will allow you to see the total eclipse more than once as the shadow crosses over the US over a period of almost an hour and a half.

Barring the glitches that sometimes accompany huge interest in a single site, you should be able to see it on the official NASA site  and if that doesn't direct you, this link might be better. 

Our local Bluewater Astronomical Society will have updated information on the eclipse and all the latest Sky News on its website.

More details about the eclipse are in this presentation.

And of course, if you go out to take a peek at the eclipse live (it will begin at 1:08 p.m. and be at its maximum for us at 2:30 p.m.), be sure to protect your eyes. Special glasses are available at FotoArt for only $2.00. (Supplies are limited!) or ask your eye-care specialist for advice.

source: Bluewater Astronomical Society, August 2017 newsletter





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