budgetOn Monday January 15, 2018 Meaford Council will be holding the statutory public meeting for the 2018 budget and the new Fees and Charges by-law. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm at the Meaford Council Chambers, 157859 7th Line, Meaford.

The recommended tax levy increase for 2018 is set at 3%, with an estimated blended rate of 1.32%.

Base 2017 Budget    $13,278,875

Base Budget Increase    $111,400    0.839%

Capital Funding $248,950    1.875%

Increased Corporate Revenues    -$147,525    -1.111%

Future Capital Funding    $185,500    1.397%

Requested 2018 Budget   $13,677,200

Requested Additional Funding    $398,325    3.000%

At this rate, the average residential property would see an additional $46.70 per year levied in taxes.

meaford budgetFull budget documents, presentations and Q&A's can be found at

Any budget questions or comments can be directed to [email protected].

source: media release, Municipality of Meaford




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