Michael ValpyThe Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Riding Association will be picking their candidate for the June Provincial election 1:30 pm, this Saturday at the Owen Sound and North Grey Public Library.

It has been a busy time for the local Riding Association. Over the last year or so, we ...

- Supported the 'We Own It' movement of OPSEU in its opposition to the closing of Grey Gables.
- Made submissions to government (at, under 'more ...')

- Opposing measures in free trade agreements that allow corporations to sue our government
- Suggesting Ontario implement a living wage to deal with usurious pay day loan companies
- Supporting Ontario's workplace reforms and urging the Province to go further
- Urging the federal government to support public housing, both single family units and co-ops
- Walked with community college faculty on their picket line when they went out on strike to end the precarious nature of their work
- Supported the good work of the Women's Centre by Walking a Mile in Her Shoes and raising $1400
- Debated workplace reform in the public forum in support of the efforts of the United Way of Bruce & Grey and in solidarity with workers in BGOS who need at least a raise in the minimum wage
- Founded an active Youth Group, whose members are encouraging all of us to remember that it's not too late the change the world

After introductions, Michael Valpy, formerly a columnist with the Globe and Mail will speak on 'The NDP's Answer to the New Gilded Age.'

Michael Valpy began his journalism career at The Vancouver Sun, became a member of its editorial board and national political columnist. For The Globe and Mail, he has been a member of the editorial board, Ottawa political columnist, Africa correspondent, deputy managing editor and columnist on social and political issues.

He has produced public affairs documentaries for CBC Radio, written for Maclean's, Elm Street, Shambhala Sun, Policy Options and Time (Canada) magazines, won three national newspaper awards (two for international reporting and one for the impact of children from dysfunctional families on the public education system) and has been nominated for a fourth. Mr Valpy has co-authored two books on Canada's Constitution – The National Deal (1982) and To Match A Dream (1998), and one on Canada's emerging generation of adults – New Canada: Report on the Next Generation (2003).

He currently teaches at the University of Toronto where he is, among other things, a senior fellow of Massey College.

source: media release, BGOS NDP Riding Association




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