bruce peninsula district schoolBluewater District School Board is advising parents/guardians and members of the public that preparations for summer renovation work will be taking place during the month of June at Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion's Head. The school has been communicating with families of students attending the school, and others within the community as appropriate to advise of the plans.

The preparations will include the addition of outdoor fencing around an unused portion of the school property slated for removal in July, and the relocation of Grade 2 students to an alternate classroom within the building effective Thursday, May 31 to accommodate interior work. While the preparation work will be noticeable to passersby and visitors to the school, significant renovations will not start until July with minimal disruptions to students, staff and families expected between now and the end of the school year.

The renovations, which will include removing the unused section and modifying student spaces to better support learning, are being funded through the Ministry of Education's School Consolidated Capital and School Condition Improvement programs.

Details on the project were shared in a staff report at the board's Business Committee of the Whole meeting this past December, and during a public meeting held in March where attendees had a chance to review the architect's drawings, ask questions, and provide feedback.

"We appreciate the resources that have been made available to us through the Ministry of Education so that we can better align physical spaces with the great programming we are able to offer to our students at Bruce Peninsula District School," says Superintendent of Education Paul Hambleton.

source: media release, BWDSB




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