Guelph made history last night, electing Mike Schreiner to become the first Green MPP ever elected into Ontario's provincial legislature.

"Tonight, we made history. We showed Ontario what can happen when you vote for what you believe in. Tonight, we stood up for the people and places we love," Schreiner said in his speech to supporters.

Schreiner took the riding with 45% of the vote in a campaign that swept through Guelph over the last twenty-eight days, with a record number of volunteers and endorsements from media and prominent community leaders that spanned the political spectrum.

"Friends, this result confirms that Guelph is absolutely the Green capital of Ontario. We are blessed to live here and tonight it is obvious that the people of Guelph recognize our responsibility to leave a better future and a healthy planet for the next seven generations, " said Schreiner.

Schreiner's message of doing politics differently clearly resonated with voters who were disillusioned with the status quo and eager to see a fresh voice bring honest answers and new ideas to Queen's Park.

"Ontario joins British Columbia, PEI and New Brunswick now as provinces with strong the Green leadership. The Green wave is real and growing because we know that we must build a bridge a future where our children can thrive."

Schreiner was elected leader of the Green Party of Ontario in 2009, and has been working on both provincial and local issues ever since. 

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound gave the Green Party 33.1% of its votes in Ontario's 2007 election.

You can watch the full video of Mike Schreiner's speech here:

source: media release, GPO





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