When Spencer Wareham opened Kilannan Brewing in Rockford in 2012, he was one of the youngest brewmasters in Canada. He had attended school in Chicago and Germany to perfect his craft, and was following his passion.

Fast forward six successful years. Life moves quickly and rumours even more so.

Here is the latest word on Kilannan from the brewmaster himself.

Hi everyone, Spencer here. I felt it's necessary to make this post to address some of the rumours regarding the brewery that have been floating around town.

We are not currently for sale, closed or going out of business.

The brewery is operating as usual, we're still producing our regular brews and I have new ones coming out as well.

It's true that the brewery was up for sale at one point. As many of you know my dad Norman is a regular face at the brewery and he has come to be very involved in helping me run things. He will be moving back to Vancouver and the thought of going back to running the brewery solo made me consider seeing if there was the possibility of finding a new owner to keep the Kilannan brand going and moving on to a new project. I have since realized that I'm not quite ready to let go of the brewery I built from the ground up.

In addition to some new seasonal and one-off beers that are on the way, I am also renovating the tasting room for a better guest experience and we will be extending our summer hours once everything is in place.



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