- Nancy-Lee Rosamond

It is with great regret that I must announce my resignation from the City of Owen Sound mayoral race. August 20th, my husband was in a devastating motorcycle accident and despite our greatest hopes, his recovery at this point needs more attention than I can give if I’m also hoping to serve the people of Owen Sound as mayor. I filed my intention to run in July because I deeply believe we need major change at City Hall. As a resident of this city for over 27 years, I’ve seen a lot of councils come and go, but the major issues plaguing Owen Sound remain the same.

We’ve said “No” to so many opportunities over the years that have proven lucrative for the other communities who said “Yes.” Taxpayers in Owen Sound have been electing representatives who then don’t bother consulting with us or demonstrate respect for our opinions. We’re not electing these people because we believe they’re smarter or better decision-makers than we are. We elect them to represent us and our best interests. Yet we’re treated year after year as though we have no right to question council or city staff. I believe referendums will help solve this problem.

Now lets consider the money lost just in this term alone: over $500,000 on the Tom Thomson Gallery’s mismanagement the City Hall project that never seems to end, over $600,000 invested in renovating Mudtown Station, which is now partially owned by a City Councillor and the immediate family of senior City management We have some serious problems here and probably need a full and complete investigation into the Mudtown investments.

We can’t afford to keep going the way we are. I had hoped to be a part of the change that needs to happen by listening and bringing community voices to the table. Unfortunately, life has dealt me a different hand, at least for this term. To those who will be elected to serve our community, I thank you for your dedication. I also challenge you to buck the status quo. Make yourselves accessible to your community. Hold referendums on important issues to truly give your constituents a voice. Stop the rubber stamping of staff requests and get back to openly debating and having two-way conversations with your community.

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