transit-question-regularBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

What constitutes a core service? Bernice Ackermann used the term in her address to Owen Sound council when she asked for its support for Transit Tuesday, a July 15 event to celebrate 70 years of buses in the city and to encourage Owen Sounders to leave their cars at home.

While the mayor and councillors have often referred to city transit as important, even essential, bus advocates fear that short-term cost-saving will trump long-term vision in the city's decisions on this file. A special council meeting July 24 at 4 p.m. may tell the tale.

miranda-stanner-regularBy Miranda Miller

Four years ago this October, Owen Sound residents seemed to signal it was time for a change. Mayoral incumbent Ruth Lovell Stanners was unseated in a narrow victory, with just 41 extra votes for victor Deborah Haswell.

Lovell Stanners may just get her third shot at the seat; she's the only mayoral candidate registered to date.

Gulcha-regularBy Dennis Thompsett

In the late 60s, Dave Hoath wrote a song called "The No Vote in Dry Gulch," referring to Owen Sound. The song was often performed by Dave and Barry Hilchey. At that time Owen Sound was known, and proudly, as the largest dry city in Christendom, so it was sort of a satirical protest song.

But if the Dry Gulch song worked at all, it worked very slowly. There were at least six big hotels I can think of downtown, and dozens of classy restaurants, but you could not, by law, order an alcoholic drink in any of them until 1972.

broken-regularBy Andre Den Tandt

The provincial election is nearly two weeks behind us and Premier Kathleen Wynne has revealed her reshuffled cabinet. Most of the pundits have given their verdicts on the election, the PCs are looking for a new leader and so we can all go into a long nap. But why do I have this nagging thought that all is far from well in this province?

achilles-regularBy David McLaren

There is a very old idea from ancient Greek culture that goes by the Greek name of timé. It is honour, specifically, in the Homeric view of the world at least, honour that has external measure and great value among men.

But such honour is not infinite. Think: spoils of war. Homer's Iliad is about timé. It is a snapshot of one incident in the long siege of Troy by a Greek city-state coalition of the willing.

Achilles is the greatest of the Greeks who attack Troy and he gains the lion's share of spoils—oftimé: tripods (for some reason), armour, weapons, gold, Briseis the concubine whom he loves.




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