- by Anne Fnlay-Stewart, Editor

"I often wonder how many other women had complaints against him and have kept silent."

This closing line in a letter to OwenSoundHub is haunting. The writer has carried this worry for decades. The Harvey Weinstein/# MeToo just brought it all right back up to the surface.

We have all read the accusations. And we have all read the social media posts about the "accusers".

"Why would she come forward now? Why would she want to ruin – (pick one)
a) his marriage b) his career c) his life ?"

"That was – (pick one) a) years ago b) decades ago c) forty years ago"

Two out of two people in our household carry untold stories of sexual abuse going back fifty and sixty years. The reasons for our silence are complicated, but both of us have wondered for years if we could have made things different for some other victims.

And neither of us have any doubt there were others.

The person who wrote to OwenSoundHub was concerned because the man responsible is still in our community. Moved on, but not away. Sometimes proximity makes it harder to speak out.

Our mandate here at OwenSoundHub is to find solutions and build community. That cannot be done in a climate of fear and guilt. We encourage anyone – man, woman or child - who has been abused, harassed or assaulted, or has witnessed it, to seek help.

Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
Men's Program 519-372-2720
Women's Centre 519-371-1600 (Crisis) or Patty Kelly [email protected]
Sexual assault and partner abuse – Hospital – 519-376-2121 extension 2458

We are following up on the letter we received. If there is anything we can do to help, we will.
There is nothing – repeat – nothing in this for the Owen Sound Hub. More readers do not make us one more nickel. We are not interested in on-line hunts or speculations or assassinations, and we will not publish any names unless there are criminal charges. Victims will never be identified except at their request.







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