- Meghan Lipka

I want to challenge all the parents of young children out there. Stop teaching your children that things are gender specific.
My kids have always been taught that everything is for everyone. When they sleep over at their grandma's, they like when she paints their nails. Well my 5 year old decided that he wanted to keep it on for school. Each nail was a different colour from blue to red.
Now comes the sad part. He comes home from school and tells me that his friend called him a girl for having it on. Thankfully I have taught him well and he responded by saying I'm not a girl.
My kids don't know what is a girl thing or boy thing. They know if they like it then it's OK. As a woman who works in construction it frustrates me that we don't teach equality from birth. Women can do anything!
Now the end is a proud mom moment. When I asked if he wanted to take it off, he responded by saying "only if we can put your nail polishes on, because you have more colours then grandma does".
So please the next time your child says that's for girls or that's for boys, I challenge you to say boy and girls can do the same things as long as they put their minds to it!





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