- by Dave Carr

This election, and all the fear mongering - it has occurred to me (and "occurred" was the word I spelled wrong in the 1958 Regina spelling bee):

Through six different changes in government in Ontario - Conservative, Coalition, Liberal, NDP, Conservative and  Liberal, no matter who was in office, no matter who promised what, no matter who tried to scare me...
...when you turned on the tap, the water ran. When you called 911, the fire trucks came. When you were ill, there WAS a nurse there to mop your perspiring brow. Your kids really did make it into university! There is affordable housing.
When you walk to the corner, you CAN get on the bus. Your roads are mostly good, the snow is cleared pretty damn well, considering the amount we get (2nd in all of Canada!) we build stuff. We grow stuff. We protect stuff. We research stuff, and sometimes, we lead the world - THE GODDAM WORLD - at what we do here.
There is more right with this province than any one can scare you out of, lie to you out of, criminalize you out of, spend you out of, obscure you out of.
I'm gonna be just fine with my choice.
I'm gonna be just fine with yours.
Though I may not be happy about it.....and I may whine a bit...
But I'll be fine. So will you.

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