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- Elizabeth Marshall, Ontario Trillium Party

As 2018 draws to an end generally most reflect on the year past. One might look to what was the high light of their year, while others may ponder the lesser times. I have chosen, on this last day of 2018, to look at the good.

This year the people of Ontario went to the polls twice. Once to elect a provincial government and again to elect their municipal governments. During this time, it was a learning experience for many Ontarians and it was a learning experience for many of the politicians.

So, what did we learn? We learned people are getting more involved in the politics. We learned that the people of Ontario had finally hit the wall when it came to taxation. We learned that people want results different from what they had been living for the past 15 years voting to relieve the Liberal-NDP coalition from its post.

We also learned that it isn’t merely taxation that moved the people. People voted to protect their rights. It was very inspirational to see so many people stand for what was right for themselves and their children. They voted to be the parents and disallowed government the opportunity to remove that right of the parent being the fundamental educator of their own children.

We learned this past year that some are not convinced the status quo was what the people wanted. They voted for real change and they even voted for new parties. They see that the Liberals, the NDP and even the PCs are not as advertised. These parties have seemed to have lost their way. At times they have become even more arrogant and the people are really beginning to understand this, so thank you to those who took the option to vote elsewhere. You continue to make your voice heard through these other parties.

There was a substantial shift at the Municipal level, as well. People have had enough of all of the permits, licences, fees and abuses by their local governments and they voted in new municipal representatives. Let’s hope these new Councils listen to the people who elected them and not the staff dictates.

We see that the people of Ontario continue the charitable work they’ve always been involved in. They continue to push for what is right in this crazy world – a better place for everyone to live, work and play. Hopefully with a Federal election right around the corner this trend will continue.

We also have seen the people across this Nation come together through the Yellow Vest movement. Finally, the people are understanding that their rights, their wealth and their futures are being undermined by a philosophy that has been around since the beginning of governments.

It is sad and yet heart-warming that people realize now that government has gone too far. It is also unfortunate that the people, as always, are having to take a stand. The strength of the people has been under estimated for far too long and now they have finally had enough. But then this is as it always has been. Government tyranny met with the strength of the people. King John – 1215 – learnt this, James I learnt this, Napoleon learnt this – and so the cycle continues. Let’s hope government changes and learns what its predecessors have learnt the hard way.

And finally, my sincerest wish you all, is that you have a Happy New Year and may 2019 bring the dawning of a revitalized Canada with good jobs, a good economy and prosperity for everyone.

Take care…a New Year is dawning!

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