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Dear Constituent

I understand that you may have never heard of the Trillium Party of Ontario before. Until last year, neither had I, but I was in search of something that may lift the people of Ontario up, assist them in their everyday lives, bring taxes and the costs of living down. I have been watching the political landscape for a number of years and noticed that the sitting government, including the Liberals, the NDP and the PCs seem to be, voting on a number of pieces of legislation, all the same. This seems to concern a number of people and it concerned me.

Looking into this phenomenon it became clear that these parties seemed to ignore what their constituents were saying, so I began my search for a political party that would be the voice of the local people. This led me to the Trillium Party of Ontario because the Leader of the Party cannot punish me if I stand and vote on principle for my constituents. This is a complete change from the 3 main parties in government. This has already been said about the Trillium Party sitting MPP, Jack MacLaren, in c:

"Mr. Shafiq Qaadri[Liberal]: ...This is going to be a very momentous weekend, because it is going to be the policy weekend for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I think many are noting that basically it seems the Tories are doing everything we are, except four years later. That's approximately what I've been able to glean from the Conservative Party's mandate ...I have to salute the member from the fourth party. At least the man gets on the record. The honourable Jack MacLaren, the member of the Trillium Party, actually comes forward and whether it's popular or not, votes on principle—reflecting, by the way, his own constituents."

Official Records for 20 November 2017, LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO

This is what we need – people of principle representing us without interference from Leaders; from funding influences; or from favour influences. That is what has inspired me to become a candidate for the Trillium Party of Ontario – so I can represent my constituents as he did – with honour, integrity and with principle. You see this is part of my agreement with the Trillium Party of Ontario. It states:

"I will not advance anything that is inconsistent with the guiding principles of the Trillium Party of Ontario.

I will promote the beliefs and values that I believe are truly reflective of the district in which I am running.

I will not promote hatred, intolerance or any form of bigotry against any group or persons.

I recognize Integrity, Honesty and Transparency are the hallmarks of a Trillium Party of Ontario Candidate."

As to who I am and some of what I have been doing? Since 2012 I have remained completely non-partisan; did not join a political party; and did not specifically support any political party because of my need to remain non-partisan, based on what I do.

As a legal researcher I have published many reports and articles respecting various pieces of Legislation, and I've even written a book, in its second edition, on property rights. I continue to do research for various lawyers throughout Ontario. I also do legislative research for elected officials including MPs, MPPs, and Municipal Officials.

In 2010, I was elected as the Director of Research, for Ontario Landowners Association, and in May of 2012 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Justice Review Board. Then in 2016 was promoted to the position of Secretary. In 2014, I was appointed to the Steering Committee of the International Property Rights Association.

I have been speaking and writing about property rights, school closures and long-term care since the beginning of 2017. These are the kind of things I have been doing for many years and will continue to do, with your support.

Elizabeth Marshall
Candidate, Trillium Party of Ontario
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
B.G.O.S. Trillium R.A.
P.O. Box 4
Singhampton, ON
N0C 1M0

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