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migrationYesterday, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Official Opposition, announced his opposition to Canada formally signing on to the United Nations Global Compact for Migration (GCM) and introduced a unanimous consent motion calling on the Government to not sign on to the GCM next week in Morocco.

In response to migration issues faced in Europe in 2015, the UN convened a meeting regarding global migration. The following year, the New York Declaration called for the adoption of a migration compact by the end 2018. This resulted in the GCM, a proposed pact amongst United Nations member states regarding global migration. The pact dictates a number of objectives for each signatory to meet regarding migration into their countries. UN member states will meet in Marrakesh, Morocco for the formal adoption of the pact. Several countries, including the United States and Australia have announced they will not sign and expressed significant concerns, stating the pact will undermine domestic policies.

Larry Miller, Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, supports the efforts made by Scheer to stop Canada from signing onto the compact. On Tuesday, Scheer’s motion was rejected – a clear indication that the Government intends to sign on next week.

“I firmly believe that, when it comes to our borders, policy decisions should be made by our Parliament and the Government of Canada, not international organizations like the United Nations,” said Miller. “Much like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, this Government is again allowing Canada to get pushed around on the world stage. Going along to get along is not strong leadership. I urge this Government to take a stand and not sign onto this migration pact.”

Scheer also announced yesterday that a Conservative government elected in 2019 would withdraw Canada from the GMC should the current Government sign on next week.

source: media release, MP Larry Miller

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