OSPS logoOn Thursday 8 August 2019, members of the Owen Sound Police Service Criminal Investigation Branch arrested a suspect involved in $25 000 dollar fraud.

Through investigation it was learned that a 23 year old female from Toronto had befriended an unsuspecting suitor from the area on a dating website. Over a series of several weeks, this suspect would prey on the vulnerability and generosity of this individual. The suspect made a series of excuses which defrauded the individual out of a significant sum of money.

If not for the suspicions of an employee at a local financial institution the losses could have been significantly higher.

A 23year old female from the Toronto region has been charged with fraud over $5000.00

City residents who participate on these websites are reminded to remain guarded and vigilant. If people you barely know are attempting to lure money or other financial assets from you, they are not your friends and do not have your best interest at heart!

source: media release




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