Early bird registration ends February 21 for Owen Sound Adult Soccer, and we're told that every year they fill up, and osfc-logothere's always a waiting list - so if people are thinking of playing in the co-ed league, they definitely should sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

We asked manager Brad Fritz about the league and he shared everything you will need to know.

"It's a co-ed league for anyone 18+, we currently have two divisions - recreational and intermediate. Depending on the interest, we're looking into starting a 7 vs. 7 competitive division this upcoming season (here is a survey link for the competitive division.)
We started the adult league originally with our Indoor league (Futsal) over 11 years ago. Two years later we started the outdoor league. We only had four teams in the initial year, and it was a bit of a hard sell. Last year in the outdoor league we had 16 teams, 12 in the intermediate and 4 in the recreational division. We have players from all across Grey Bruce who play in our league - Port Elgin, Southampton, Lion's Head, Wiarton, Meaford. All the games are held at the Kiwanis Soccer Complex in Owen Sound, past the Bayshore.

The recreational division is mainly geared for players looking for a lower intensity level - those who haven't played much or any soccer.  It's a good way to get out and try the sport with people focusing on fun and fitness.
The intermediate division would be a medium intensity level - for people who have played before in House League or co-ed - or are naturally athletic and proficient at other sports.
If we manage to get enough interest for the competitive division this season, it will be a high intensity level.
The recreational games are mainly Tuesday nights, the intermediate games are mainly Thursday nights and if the competitive division happens this season, it will be Monday nights.

We provide all players with jerseys, sponsored by local businesses, shorts and socks. The only item required for players to purchase and wear are shin guards - although proper soccer cleats are recommended.

We have referees and linemen for the matches and play by standard FIFA rules, except the fact that there is no sliding to limit the chance of players being injured.

under-the-lightsThe cost is approximately $150 a season, and we generally start the season around late May or start of June and run to late August. It's generally only one game a week - with an occasional extra game once in a while. We schedule some of those extra matches under the lights on the main field for these extra matches, which is quite the experience if you've never played soccer at night under the lights.

Ideally it would be nice to have a total of 6 - 8 teams in the recreational division. We're also hoping to add 4 more teams to the final tally, with the start of the 7 vs. 7 competitive division.

There's been interest in town for an indoor facility. That would be fantastic for the indoor league. We're currently capped at 6 teams because of the lack of space and time slots. If we could play on a full field, or even a 9 vs 9 or 7 vs 7- type game in the winter, we could really expand the opportunities for soccer in this area."





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