constructionThe City of Owen Sound has awarded the reconstruction of 8th Street West in the 500 block and 9th Street 'A' West in the 500 block to MacDonnell Excavating Ltd. Work will commence Monday,

ryerson parkThe City of Owen Sound is pleased to announce the official re-opening of Ryerson Park and the reconstructed 8th Street East hill.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will occur

hogweedThe City of Owen Sound is reminding residents to be cautious of the Hogweed plant and to avoid contact with the invasive species.

City staff are aware of a variety of locations on City property including trails. Staff are taking action to destroy these

Downtown-Streetscape---horse--buggyThe Corkscrew City Tour takes you back to a distant era of rampant drinking and gambling in Owen Sound, when it was known from coast to coast as "Corkscrew Town." Taverns outnumbered churches and it was said that every man carried a corkscrew in his pocket. Two breweries also thrived here: Schwann's and Eaton's. By 1874 the women had had enough ...




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