goodsexhange-apr16-fullThe first of three Goods Exchange Days for 2016 will be taking place on Saturday April 23. It is like a City-wide free yard sale.

Goods Exchange Day is an enjoyable way to divert usable items and materials from landfill disposal. It is also a great way to remove unwanted items without hosting your own garage sale.

Place your unwanted but still usable items at the curb in front of your home after 8:00 AM on Saturday April 23. Popular Goods Exchange Day items include sporting goods, furniture, small appliances, books, art, tools,

trashThe City of Owen Sound and Sydenham Sportsmen's Association are seeking volunteers to participate in a City-wide Litter Pick-up on Saturday April 23, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

This event celebrates Earth Week and provides residents with an opportunity to improve the appearance of the City by picking up litter that has accumulated over the winter.

Volunteers are asked to register in the parking lot behind City Hall at 1:00 pm. Volunteers are required to...

cityhall2Owen Sound City Council has started the five month process of reviewing every city service.  The 600 page staff report that Council is discussing contains at least 60 recommendations, and comparative data from three other municipalities.  Here are City Manager Wayne Ritchie's opening comments and some essential comparisons with Brockville, Orangeville and Collingwood.

"The Mission Statement for Service Review 2016 is "To provide Council and tax payers with a comprehensive awareness of the services and programs offered by the City, and to identify which should be enhanced, reduced, remain as they are, or even be eliminated."
The documents that we will review in the next two days should provide Council and the taxpayer with why,  what and how for every City service.

The Municipal Act defines one of Council's roles as determining which services the municipality will provide. How does Council make those decisions?

cityhallThe City of Owen Sound is pleased to launch 'Service Review 2016' – a proactive initiative to enhance our municipality.

We want to hear from you! Can we upgrade a service? Can our operations become more efficient? Can we save money? How can we establish Owen Sound as an enviable municipality?

Service Review 2016 will occur on the following schedule:

 Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31: City Council will hold day-long public meetings to review departmental operations and discuss possible system improvements. These meetings will produce a list of items Council wishes to explore.

 Friday, April 8 onwards: Based on the topics established by Council, citizens are encouraged to complete the Service Review cards and enter them in the suggestion boxes installed at city buildings.

 Monday, May 9: A Public Forum will occur at the Bayshore Arena. This open meeting will allow citizens to




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