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The City of Owen Sound learned first-hand the challenges of public consultation last night. Fewer than thirty people attended the public forum held at the Bayshore to give rate-payers their first look at the sixty-three recommendations that have come out of the city's Service Review process. Some people said they had come for answers about specific issues such as park closures and the future of the airport; others had broader concerns about the health and sustainabilty of the community.  One senior couple expressed fear over their tax increases and anger that the city appeared to them "overstaffed".
City Manager Wayne Ritchie introduced the evening with a brief timeline of the Review, which will take five months in all, ending in a September 7 public meeting to "discuss the final decisions" which will have been..


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The City of Owen Sound is hosting a public forum Monday, May 9 to give the public a look at the 63 recommendations from its Service Review.
Although the city's website says the forum scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Harry Lumley Bayshore is to "discuss Council's approach to explore service delivery", the evening will not include any ...

ryerson parkThe final phase of the Ryerson Park revitalization will begin on May 5, 2016. The work includes the installation of play features, final grading, plantings and sod installation. This phase is scheduled to take six weeks. The City asks for the cooperation of the public to refrain from entering the park during

barristonlawThe following is the full text of the legal opinion provided by Harold Elston of Barriston Law to Owen Sound City Council at their request about the appropriateness of the process followed by the Bluewater District School Board in its Accommodation Review 2015/16 – Owen Sound Area Group of Schools , and whether Council should request a review of the accommodation review process.

His Worship Ian Boddy and Members of Council
City of Owen Sound
April 27, 2016
Dear Mayor Boddy and Members of Council:

richard-regOwen Sound City Councillor Richard Thomas, former Communications Co-ordinator for the Bluewater District School Board, is now a vocal opponent of their decision to convert the OSCVI into a K to 8 school while they seek provincial funding for a new amalgamated high school in the city.

At the time of his departure from the school board in 2010, Thomas issued a media release saying "When I accepted this job, I did so with the conviction that Bluewater District School Board offers an excellent education to the students of Grey and Bruce Counties. I am even firmer in that conviction now."

At Monday's City Council meeting, the night before the school board voted on its recommendation, Thomas said, "...this is about dollars and cents. It is not about people. It is not about community....And it is certainly

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