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Dear Mr. Miller,
This letter is in response to your Jan. 10 letter "More Concerned for Jobs Program",

Please, please read and listen......
The following is my understanding. If I am wrong I am certainly open to correction.

It is not a contravention of our democracy, of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to tell organizations that if their stated beliefs and policies contravene the very essence of our democracy, they cannot apply for government grants meant for the general population.

For example, abortions are legal in Canada. If an organization refuses to offer that option (or a referral) to women, they might not be not eligible to apply for funding. Same sex relationships and marriages are legal in Canada. If an organization preaches that same sex relationships are sinful, and opposes marriages of LGBT individuals, they should not be eligible to make an application for funding.

Hopefully, organizations that might not be eligible to apply this year will leave space for groups that profess inclusive policies and principles.

Terri Hope
Owen Sound






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