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To The Editor,
The tumult and turmoil surrounding the roll out of the new minimum wage saw some employers clawing back benefits which had been extended to their employees in years past. Employees are being penalized vindictively. Protests and boycotts have been organized.
Notably, the Tim Horton's franchise in Cobourg, owned by children of the franchise founders, stated in a letter to employees that breaks would no longer be paid and that some medical benefits would no longer be employer funded. Other franchises have followed suit.
It has come to the attention of the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Riding Association that the Tim Horton's franchises in the Owen Sound area as well as the in Hepworth and Wiarton, have not made these changes to their breaks or health care funding policies for their employees.
As these franchises are acting responsibly, our local area NDP folks want people to be made aware that they should not be targeted by any boycott action. We feel it is wonderful that they have honoured the work their employees provide and decided not to follow the vindictive lead of other Ontario franchise holders.
For those who care about these issues, enjoy your Timmies in good conscience!
Michael McLuhan
BGOS NDP Riding Association President
Georgian Bluffs






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