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Dear Editor

I was reading the article you posted today about the continued work on the beach at Sauble. I'm very pleased that you shared the letter you did.

The continued bulldozing, raking, etc. on the sand beach is of great concern to me and goes far beyond just the sauble3endangered piping plovers. The very health of the beach itself in the long term is so threatened with this invasive work.

I am a reasonable person and understand the economic spin-off the beach presents. We need to work together. I also agree that some invasive species of vegetation exist on the beach - however, there are other less destructive means available to eradicate them. Please look at photos on the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority facebook page and see the volunteers who cut an entire acre of phragmites by hand. It can be done!

I would like to share photos of the bulldozing that I took on the beach last August at Sauble. They are far closer than 30 feet to what I would consider historic dunes.

Thank you.

Ann Rolfe

Sauble Beach  



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