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I have just become aware of the intent for the South Bruce Peninsula to perform "tilling" operations on the Sauble Beach prior to the return of the plovers.

As a resident of the area that has visited Sauble over the last 5 years for the sole purpose of observing the plovers, I find this to be very upsetting.

We must find a way for humans and nature to both enjoy the rewards the beach has to offer. We should be honored and feel privileged that species of risk (Piping Plovers) have chosen to return to the area for several consecutive years in a row now. This is something we read about in a magazine or see on a documentary... and it is (and can potentially continue to be) happening on our beach! The birds choose to be there and we need to find a way for them to co-exist with the humans who also enjoy the beach area.

I recognize the potential economic benefits the tilling may help to provide, however, I am also keenly aware of a broader perspective – the fact that a small group of birds can influence, educate, and inspire visitors, residents, environmentalists and global observers in a manner which is not purely based on "economics".

As leaders in this area of interest, please find a way to work together with one another and with Mother Nature so that we can all benefit from the many wonders of Sauble Beach.

Donna Mitchell


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