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A few days ago, I read on Facebook the following question: What scientific theory do you think will be proven wrong and shock the scientific world?

My reply: It is the Big Bang, an unproven fantasy turned into a scientific dogma. The theory was proposed by the catholic priest Mr. Lemaitre around 1930 of the previous century. The Vatican became immediately an enthusiastic supporter: for them it was the scientific validation of catholicism. It kept God as a part of the creation process. Belief-based religion is often-not always- useful for teaching morals - but never science.

Since most of the scientists had been influenced in their youth by the religious version of the beginning of the universe, they tried to document the new dogma with pseudo mathematics and wishful thinking. They had to disregard all the known laws of physics which are valid and proven for the whole known universe. The claim that all our magnificent known universe was created out of nothing has always insulted my intelligence. This is dogmatic religion, not science.

It is impossible to predict mathematically how the invented infinitely hot plasma would have behaved.

The proponents of the big bang also consider the cosmic background radiation as the most important physical "proof" for their theory. But the almost total uniformity of this radiation - it is the same coming from any direction- has always convinced me of the OPPOSITE: The compacted early "new" universe (after contraction), must had been smooth, uniform and flat, smaller but not infinitely small. Its expansion is the result of shrinking/ growing cycle - an eternal process. This "bouncing cosmology" is now supported by many scientists. The space is expanding, galaxies are not moving away from each other. Simplified in two dimensions, it is like dots on the expanding balloon moving away from each other, but still remaining on the balloon. Another claim by the big bang dogmatic defenders - that the universe cannot contract again is just silly again, - a wishful thinking to justify their big blunder at any cost.

We do not know yet all the forces running the universe. Scientists are still desperately searching for the "missing" black matter and energy. One proposed solution: the matter unaccounted for may be hidden in black holes created by the last contraction of the universe. And there are other opinions, all more credible than the big bang wishful fantasy based on a religious fairy tale. It is much more logical to accept that the universe has been around forever than that somebody created it. Which prompts the next question: and who created the creator?

Even Stephen Hawking, the author of the famous bestseller "The Brief History of Time", and the proponent of the big bang for many decades began to have serious doubts. To express my admiration for this unique human being, I read the book for the third time with great interest (he passed away a few weeks ago) . I also read his introduction to the recent re- print of the book. His last sentence : "Within a few years we should know if we can believe that we live in a universe that is completely self contained, no boundaries, no edges, without beginning or end. "

The collective stupidity of the now main stream scientific dogma about the universe created out of close to nothing- smaller than even a single neutron- is nothing new to the often not very bright humanity unwilling to think.

For example, nobody had questioned for centuries the primitive science explaining that the Earth was the centre of the universe. Some otherwise very bright scientists even provided endless calculations and diagrams to "prove" this nonsense.

Doctors had been killing – also for long centuries- thousands of often not even seriously ill patients by bleeding them to death. Example : George Washington. The same slow response happened after the discovery of germs around 1850. The main stream doctors had not believed for decades Pasteur's well documented  evidence. His patients, after all, lived! This arrogance is also one of the the main causes for the premature death of the legendary tenor Caruso in 1921 -70 years later. The list goes on.

How about here and now: Ontario government is still pushing the dangerous and useless fluoride into our drinking water , despite the fact that most European countries discontinued its use more than 40 years ago , that only 3% of the world population is still using it. It is an unnecessary drug without any positive effects, it causes and does not prevent the fluorosis and it is dangerous for certain people , especially unborn children and those with kidney problems. The rigid self-supporting Ontario bureaucracy is 40 years behind the modern times.

Conforming to the main stream irrationalities is for many of us often more easy or important than critical thinking. Teaching our young critical thinking is as important as teaching language, science and math.

Maks Zupan P. Eng.

Owen Sound


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