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I applaud the support for the horrific tragedy out west of the hockey players killed in that awful bus crash.

Some days after, in the Himalayas, 25 young Indians were killed when their bus went off the edge of the road, careening 60m's or so down into a ravine.

I have heard of no support for that horrific accident, from our government, or private citizens, while roughly 10 million has been raised for the families and the community of this sad tragedy here on Canadian soil.

Loss of life, especially when the next leaders of our country are cut down in their prime, is nothing short of horrific. We all, I am sure, have hugged our children imagining how our lives would be irrevocably altered if we had been one of those families so sadly affected.

The sadness of the Indian disaster is no less awful to imagine, and my collective grief goes out the the families of such a disaster, where the deceased and injured were in a precarious location making rescue of the survivors perilously dangerous.

Please, let us remember in our prayers or personal thoughts of the equal sadness the people of India, (half a world away), deal with the loss of their children.

This is no less deserving of our sympathy, and grief. The world is our community too, and we need to be horrified for the families who deal with this tragedy.

Perhaps we can reach out, and tell them in any way possible that we care, and are saddened by their loss, as well as that of the disaster we suffered, here at home in this great country, Canada!

Tony Veroni

Owen Sound


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