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If you're a frequent reader of the letters, you'll know how opposed I was to the school closure policy put forth by the Wynne government. Yet I find myself voting Liberal in this election. In fact I'm working to support the Francesca Dobbyn Campaign.

Although I wasn't happy with everything Wynne did as Premier of this province, I believe she is knowledgeable, capable and sincere. Having the chance to see her in person at Francesca's nomination, I (and others) found she spoke spontaneously and directly without a pre-written speech. And she was not afraid to take questions from the floor.

While I'm not 100% on her methods, I applaud the Liberal government for its work on clean energy. Getting rid of coal-fired plants has reduced the number of smog days in Ontario. Ontario is a leader in the move to clean energy and reduction in emissions, for Canada.

Doug Ford doesn't have a plan for the environment. That's just irresponsible. And I'm not convinced he has the knowledge to deal with the energy file. He appears more interested in handing out platitudes than any detailed platform.

Many are concerned over the debt of the Liberal government. Doug Ford's tax cuts will do nothing to pay down the debt. Prudent fiscal policy would say to find your "efficiencies first" pay down the debt, and then cut taxes if appropriate. Ontario already has a very competitive tax rate for North America.

The Liberals asked Francesca to run. They wanted more voices from rural ridings and they knew her record with her work on the energy file and the legislative changes she was able to make.

Bill Walker has represented our area well and shares rural concerns. But has he made the partnerships and coalitions needed to get that job done? Bill Murdoch was renowned for this, working with all parties to truly represent Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

And that's what Francesca is best at, working with people to get the job done. She brings community groups together to effect change that works for everyone. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but getting the work done is priceless.

I believe Francesca will be able to work across party lines to truly represent our area and make the changes we need to see.

That's why Francesca Dobbyn has my vote this election.

Diane Ferguson


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