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I'm voting ndp.

It may take some time to buy back hydro, but that cost is better than paying out of pocket.

No one is talking about the human cost of 6 billion dollars cut from healthcare, which will become an out of pocket price on top of electricity. I don't want to live in

 a province where the subtle and covert appeal of financial fascism, which throws away the most vulnerable people in our society, because they can't buy and ransom their lives into the approval of rich bastards who think cash should he saved instead of saving lives.

People get a piece of their body back with full dental coverage. This will take away major complications and misery and debilitating symptoms, that will give people the stability to maintain their jobs, and worker harder and loner and have more to spend in comparison to what it costs the government to provide. With your mouth in shambles you are not at the height of yourself, and that means you're not able to do as much as you possibly can.

People get more money in their pocket with full drug coverage. My mother will save close a thousand dollars a year with that.

I find the cost of the day care a little steep, but my son and his mother will be given a better opportunity with it. She will save loads of cash that will be invested into his quality of life because of it, and I know many friends and family for whom it will be the same. As a program like that goes on, providing the chance for more parents to work fuller time, the tax burden for everyone will be lessened because more people able to work expands the tax pool.

I don't want cheap beer, I don't want something that gives all the foreign owned national mega brewers an advantage over the domestically owned and local brewers who are in the craft for the craft's sake. I don't want to live in a province where everything becomes so miserable and expensive, that the massive insult to our lives gives us little recourse but to resign to drinking ourselves to death.

And we might want to recognise that this is just what they propose for year one, we have plenty of time to interject proposals we feel might make Ontario even more positive. I'm drafting some letters for a proposal to make Ontario a publicly funded universal internet provider, and I know the ndp are the only ones who would listen to the chance of putting in place 'Ontario Online, because access to information is a human right, and the right to know is the foundation of our freedom of speech.

Curtis Healy

Owen Sound

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