First thing I want to say is thank you to Matt McCoy for starting this page - Addicts Attic Outreach. My name is Angela and if you got a chance to read Matt's interview with the Owen Sound Hub, the child he was talking about that his daughter went to school with that passed away from an overdose was my son Andrew.

Over the past couple days I've struggled with deciding whether I wanted to speak publicly about my son's death and have decided that sitting back and not talking is not going to change anything. I have decided to join Matt in this venture for the perspective from the other side. Matt has fought some amazing personal battles and thankfully has won them. Where Matt can provide firsthand knowledge of what someone with an addiction struggles with, I can provide a view from the other side as someone who loved and lost someone to addiction.

I don't know where this page will go but if we can spread the word about the reality of this crisis and how it's affecting people in our own community, maybe we can make some changes to ensure the next person has a better chance than my son did. I'm a firm believer that if you don't talk about change, change won't happen so it's time to speak up!





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