- by Dave Carr

Can a Permanent Resident of Canada (who is NOT a citizen) be allowed to vote in Municipal Elections and Municipal ONLY?
That's the question I'm asking you Monday morning on the Open Line on 560 CFOS between 9:05 and 10 o'clock.
The question arises from two interesting Facebook threads. The first was based on an inquiry into getting help to prepare for running for council, serving on council. One contributor who was asked to run noted he is not a citizen and therefore, despite paying municipal taxes, is unable to either serve or vote.
That triggered a question from me about whether he and others should be allowed. The municipal jurisdiction is the least partisan politically but has the most direct impact on residents' lives. And the question has been asked several times across the country. The Facebook response was strong and fascinating.
We'll take a poll and hear your thoughts on why, or why not, a Permanent Resident (a legal term) should be allowed to vote municipally where he/she lives. Not federally, not provincially, ONLY municipally. Add your voice Monday morning, as you have wonderfully already on Facebook.
The Open Line, 560CFOS or live-streaming, Monday 8 Jan, 9:05 to 10 a.m.





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