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Before they even received the replacement window from the last vandalism of their vintage rail car earlier this month, the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre is dealing with more breakage.
The original broken window is damaged further, and two other windows have cracks and breaks.
Volunteer Bill King pointed out the breaks, all through a single pane of the double-pane windows, as well as the lifeboatmany chips in the paint on the side of the car.
Looking at all the clean pieces of gravel beside the tracks below the damage, and in the nearby lifeboat, it was simple detective work to see the probable MO. Someone(s) had made themselves comfortable in the boat, free from observation from the harbour walkway, with a handful of city-supplied ammunition, and taken potshots at the windows. Bad aim seems to account for the chipped paint.

Last time there were 31 empty beer cans found in the boat.

Board chair Kathy Strutt is very disappointed at the repeat vandalism. She said a possible witness is being questioned, and she estimated the repair bill for the three windows at $1000.
The on-going issue is security for the museum's outdoor artifacts.
King mused about what combination of the dusk-to-dawn lighting that is soon to be installed, police patrols and possible substitute for the gravel "ammunition" might reduce the probability of further incidents.


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