strathconagraffitiAt the City's roundtable discussion precipitated by the concerns of the Neighbours Against Drugs and Crime Action Group (NADCAG), the condition of the former Strathcona School building on 4th Avenue East was raised. The school gym is still being used as a private facility, but both the fire and police departments have stopped using the building for training purposes. Concerns about mold were part of that decision, according to an Owen Sound Police Services' spokesperson. Graffiti and dark corners worry neighbours.

Recent reports that plans will be coming to Council in 2018 for renovating the building into housing have been received positively in...

georgianarial- by David McLaren

The strike by the faculty of Ontario community colleges continues. It's not about the money – the colleges and the teachers are practically agreed on that. And it's not about benefits or shorter work hours.

It's about precarious work.

Although student enrolment has gone up, the numbers of full time teachers have gone down. Instead, the colleges are relying on 'partial load' professors (those with contracts for 6-12 hours a week of instruction) and part time teachers (those with less than 6....

bwdsbbuildingJanuary 16, 2007 8:48:24 AM
From: John Fearnall
Subject: A suggestion
As our board is currently facing two significant problems, a budget deficit due to sickness and an excess amount of space due to a precipitous decline in enrollment, I would like to make the following proposal. Rather than building a new "learning

centre" I think we should do away with the idea of a centrally located education centre and instead redistribute our board

girlblackandwhite- by Laura Buckler

Oh hell no!
Not now you don't.
You don't get to sit there, clutching your pearls, being all shocked and horrified at the number of 'me too' statuses on Facebook.
When you were wagging your finger at your daughter's short skirt, concerned that she was 'just asking for it', asking to be...




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