cars- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

If Owen Sound is going to be a healthy community for seniors, young families and people in between, we'll have to keep our eyes on more than potholes.

Sidewalks that lead to nowhere, trip hazards, two-block bike lanes...

irrigation- By Jackie Kelly-Pemberton, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

On any given day, farmers are talking about the weather. It dictates what we do across all seasons and dominates our thoughts and conversations as we try to work with or around whatever nature...

backpacks- by Francesca Dobbyn, United Way of Bruce Grey

The smell is unmistakable, the scent of fresh crayons. You pop open that box of colour and you are taken instantly back, to childhood, to a classroom, to the feel of fresh paper under your hands, and that never changing map of Canada. You play favourites with the provinces, using the best colours on Newfoundland and...

littlegirlwriting- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

She is now in her forties, and she wanted to tell her story and why she thinks the 2015 Ontario sex education curriculum would have made all the difference.

I'm going to call her Amanda, because...




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