cooperation- by Joyce Hall

It seems a foregone conclusion that there will be a change in government on June 7. The two contenders for power currently locked in battle for the hearts and minds of voters are parties representing the left and right of the political spectrum. Yet, do voters want

foodbank- by Francesca Dobbyn

Yesterday I attended a fundraising BBQ for the Tobermory Food Bank, in recognition of World Hunger Day. On average about 27 people use the Tobermory Food Bank on a monthly basis.

It is also entirely possible that...

davecarrradio- by Dave Carr

This election, and all the fear mongering - it has occurred to me (and "occurred" was the word I spelled wrong in the 1958 Regina spelling bee):

Citizenship-Application- by Erroll Treslan

Responding to a Facebook conversation with the Editor on this subject

Anne, first of all, I am assuming that you agree with a country's basic right to control its own borders - correct? [Some believe that the right to immigrate should be unfettered but, although that position is philosophically sound, it is unworkable in practice]

Next let's look at exactly what Ms. Horwath said:

neighbours- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Now that NDP leader Andrea Horwath has picked up some positive numbers, Ontario Proud (OP) is turning its attention on her. Doug Ford voted in favour of Toronto becoming a sanctuary city, but when Horwath supports those same principles, it becomes the source of another of OP's scare-mongering memes.






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