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I applaud Mayor Boddy for making remarks before the opening of Owen Sound City Council last Monday, in the wake of the Orlando shootings. He spoke about people not being persecuted for "the colour of their skin, who they love, what they go home to". He talked about Owen Sound's history as a safe haven for the ostracized, and how he understood that there were Pride events taking place locally this month and people should attend them to show our city's empathy and compassion.

Bottom line. No one deserves to be shot for being who they are. What then do they deserve?

June 1, the Owen Sound city Facebook page - Wishing everyone a Happy Pride Month. The City of Owen

candles- by Kelly Babcock

It drives me crazy when someone dies from a gunshot and people start talking about shots per minute or per second and how long to reload and is it or isn't it an assault weapon ... someone died because they were assaulted with a weapon, and it wouldn't matter in that last split second of their life if the weapon that shot came from was a muzzle loader. Someone could be 17 years old, or 22, or 35, or 80. Shots per amount of time should be calculated in this way, one shot per seventeen years of life is one too many, it's too fast, it's too much of an assault. It's too much. I was at a vigil tonight for those slain in Orlando. We....

Payday-loan-storeIn April of this year the Ontario government floated a proposal to cut the interest rate Payday loan companies can charge clients from the current 21% to 19% or 17% or 15% over the short term of the loan. Currently, by the time you add in fees and interest for a year, the rate of borrowing can be as high as 500% per annum.

These short-term, high interest loans are driving many people into a debt that is impossible to pay back. They target precarious workers who have no where else to turn for the money they need to get to the end...

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Ah, summer. The time of year when the thermometer is supposed to rise above 20 degrees, and people pack up their long pants and long woolen sleeves in exchange for a pair of knee cut shorts and a tank top. The smell of mid day snacks such as French Fries wafting through the fresh, warm air rattling the trees and blowing through our hair. The laughter from kids, young and old, now that school is indeed out for summer. What more can one want for Canadian summer?

As soon as the May "two/four" comes around, some pack their summer necessities waiting to be used, to a place very near and dear to many hearts. Right off of County Road 8 appear the lovely sight of cute,...




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