kaarids- by Anne Käärid

This was an unpublished letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Have things changed since it was first written in September 2012? 

At the end you can read what Anne's children have been doing since they left this "village".


Tonight was the night of the annual Grade 9 BBQ at our high school. This is a free gathering offered to the families that have a student coming into high school for the first time. This gives them a chance to feel part of the school community, get to know the teachers, and to meet other families and students. The numbers were definitely down from previous years, but a good handful of parents and students did come out. The School's Community Council (which I am part of), traditionally holds their first meeting on this evening. This allows new parents to have the opportunity....

armchair- by Dee Taonax

I've spent a good deal of my career on my feet and I'd never trade the experiences I've had for anything.
I'm leaving this little 'armchair wisdom' for those that have never worked a day in their life in retail, and for those that have come into it thinking it's a 'cakewalk', or an easy way to get an income.
I'm leaving this for those that only work a few hours at a retail job, and think: 'why should I care, I'm not here all the time'. That last statement has HUGE impacts on your job security, I'm here to tell you now.
Retail is not a desk job, it is not a job that gets a ton of appreciation. You deal with....

Branningham-now- by Aly Boltman

Two weeks ago, just before we were to leave for our family vacation, Denis Langlois of The Sun Times messaged me to say that a demolition permit for Branningham Grove was before Owen Sound Council (again.)

Denis has consistently been the one who has kept me in the loop about "all things historical." He has managed to maintain his enthusiasm and integrity throughout the years. He's always followed the leads and has known when to show diligence. Were it not for Denis following up on a tiny little throwaway mention in Grey County Council's minutes about an unimportant "culvert" replacement, the now award-winning, irreplaceable Chatsworth heritage bridge would be dead and gone.

crowdin-by David Dobson

It's not easy being named in a Native Land Claim.

I was called out of my take-out restaurant on a busy day on the Civic Holiday weekend by a young woman from Toronto. She claimed that she found the information on my blog and the display map on my building offensive. Information that is dedicated to the Sauble Beach Native Land Claim. When I asked what it was that she found offensive she claimed that it was anti-Native. I then told her that I did not put anything on the blog that wasn't true or at least clearly labeled as my opinion. Didn't matter, it was offensive.

This is what it is to live in today's society in Canada. Anything that doesn't agree with the stance of a particular Native band implies racism. I argued that I have a Treaty with the governments of Canada and Ontario by way of a ....




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