OS-logo-featThe City is seeking volunteers to help shape the decisions affecting Owen Sound. There is only one week left to apply for City Committees and there are...

DSC06422It has come to the City's attention that a private company has been going door-to-door offering to sell water treatment and other equipment.

These individuals are NOT City of Owen Sound nor other government employees.

Homeowners are reminded they are not obligated to provide...

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The Owen Sound budget meetings continue, and one number that made eyebrows rise was the expected $225,000 increase in the cost of benefits for city staff and emergency workers– pension, extended health, long-term disability, Workers' Compensation, etc.

While police and fire service employees have more robust benefit packages in their contracts due to the nature of their work, they actually....

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"Revenues from transit services have been falling due to declining ridership." That's the simple fact stated in the Owen Sound 2017 Budget agenda.

A marketing strategy for increasing ridership is part of 2017 plans, but Councillor Scott Greig wonders if...




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