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fireworksloudWhen I was a youngster, I thought fireworks were fantastic and I could hardly wait for the times when we would have them. As I've aged and am now aware of the damage caused to those who do not comprehend what is happening, how they panic and run and are injured, I have changed my position.

I would challenge any of you who want fireworks to stand in a field with animals ...

russiaukraineI would like to respond to Ted Stewarts letter to Mr. Ruff re Canada's support of Ukraine.

May I respectfully suggest that Mr. Stewart put aside one valuable hour of his time to watch,  with an open mind, the following video, patience being a virtue! ...

alexruffmedalsHello Mr. Ruff

I have just read the June 24 Toronto Star article on General Hillier's mission to better equip and train Ukrainian fighters, especially the Territorial Defence Forces, the civilian volunteer militia . I agree strongly with his requests that Canada do more. I hope you can amplify his voice so that Ukrainian forces get what they need .
His asks are :

BillInglisParkI've tried contacting city staff via email and voicemail about Bill Inglis Park - there will soon be no mature living trees in the main area; only lawn.

I appreciate they have full plates, and I know we're all just people, but I'm wondering how I could work with the public, the city and perhaps Neighbourwoods North to plan and do a planting of Bill Inglis Park so that it's a stimulating woodland refuge rather than bland cut grass. ...


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