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publichealth2021To the Editor,

Not everyone agrees with Grey County Council’s letter of support sent to Dr. Arra, as reported in the Sun Times Edition of April 13th, 2021. As tax payers, we don’t support the letter and we believe there are many other ...

listeningshoutingYes, I'm sounding off! 

 It happens that I find myself one of those on the outside of our current social intercourse who refuses to have anything to do with Facebook or Twitter. Enough that I'm addicted to Google ...

drarracouncilWe were gobsmacked by the news the news that Dr. Ian Arra, the Grey-Bruce medical officer of health, made $631,510 in 2020. By our calculation, if Arra worked 60 hours per week for 50 weeks last year, he was paid $210 per hour. His public health ...

Sauble BeachWhere do we go from here in Sauble Beach? It started back in 2007 when a little bird, the piping plover returned to Sauble Beach after decades. This bird has been listed on the endangered species list since 1985 in the Great Lakes region. They have had their ...

westgreyzoomFrom the council agenda - Municipality of West Grey, April 20, 2021

To: Mayor Christine Robinson and West Grey Municipal Council
Cc: Chair Sue Patterson and Board of Grey Bruce HealthSubject: Compensation and Management at Grey Bruce Health ...


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