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covidkidsI have chosen to write Premier Ford and Stephen Lecce and seek some clarification.

Dear Premier Ford and Stephen Lecce,

I have now sat for a few days with the Ontario government’s decision regarding students’ return to school this fall and have a few questions I’d appreciate having answered.

tc energy storageDear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the Taylor Raffy analysis as it was complete and enlightening. Great work and thorough. Unfortunately, when it gets right to the nub, all the debate primarily rages around jobs, financial benefits and other...

stop racismI was shocked at Councillor Greig’s comments about Councillor Merton’s timely motion “that the City of Owen Sound will actively work towards anti-racism and anti-oppression.” I was very dismayed to see him cast the sole vote against the...

TC EnergyDear Editor and Readers,

Since first hearing about TransCanada Energy’s proposed Pumped Storage Project in September 2019, I have been following closely; maybe more so than others, as I live directly below the proposed reservoir...




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