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Holland Marsh over BradfordTo politicians, planners, and business owners of the Holland Marsh,

Re: More onions added to the recall list

The recent safety recall of onions imported from Mexico sends up a red flag to those of us who thought we were consuming local produce.

streetsweeperPeople used to have jobs sweeping streets; now they have machines that do that. In India they dug a canal by hand in order to provide jobs. A U.S. soldier wound up in East Germany after World War 2. After many years there he returned to the U.S. People said it must have been awful. He said, "Not really. You went to an office and were assigned a place to live and a job. (People did not work very hard at that job because there wasn't much to do.)

In the U.S., prior to unions there was soldiering. Workers controlled the pace of work.

TimHortonsparketteDear Mayor Boddy and Members of Council,

I have a unique opportunity to view the parkette across the street from my condo balcony -  9th St E and 1st Ave E.

The parkette is so often busy with mothers and strollers ...

eye careDear Editor:

On Sept 1st, Ontario optometrists were forced to make the difficult decision that they could no longer provide care for their OHIP insured patients given the governments neglect of eye care for the past 32 years. Since provincial law prohibits ...


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