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intravenousApparently if you live in Owen Sound and need dialysis your options are:

1. Wait six weeks then start driving 2.5 hours EACH WAY to London three times a week ...

transitsignDear Editor,
There will be a Special Meeting on Transit this Friday, January 7th. Council is not offering any opportunity for public input. But if they had, I would have submitted the following for their consideration:

While I think it’s a prudent idea for City Staff to be precautious, it’s pretty rich that the same people who have chosen to work remotely are forcing essential workers who cannot afford private transportation to ...

TCERe: Petition Presentation At Meaford Council

While I fully support your right to oppose this development, and by opposing making sure that if it proceeds, it  will be built with the latest environmental and safety sciences, I must point out that I have lived the first 22 years of my life almost next door to a similar pumped project, that has been in constant operation for a century, except for a period during WWII when the Moehne Dam was destroyed by the British Dam Busters, with no detrimental effects on the local environment that I know of. ...

Clearcut4 Vancouver IslandJustin Trudeau has never met a promise he didn’t like – or one that he could keep.

He met a couple more in Scotland at COP26. (26! Good God, the world has been meeting on climate change since 1995 and we’re still cooking the earth!0

He promised – again – that he would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ...


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