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sarahjamawordsDear Editor

I cannot express strongly enough my opposition to the news that Sarah Jama has been removed from the NDP caucus.
A person brave enough to speak truth to power.
An international call for a ceasefire, to stop the killing.

progressiveprideflagDear Editor -

I have heard the word "indoctrinating" a lot, in regards to the public school boards, from people who do not support transgendered students. I first saw it in an article about things that Doug Ford said. Now I hear it everywhere.

retrokitchenDear Editor,

On Thursday September14, when I first read the social media post regarding the comment by Meaford Mayor Ross Kentner, at a Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting held on September 13, I was immediately shocked and dismayed.  Then embarrassment,  disbelief and anger took hold.  How could a mayor make such a sexist comment, in the workplace, in the 21st century?  

courtaerialA Letter to the Editor:

Ms. Faith Leitch has read all the City environmental reports of the toxic materials on the old courthouse and jail site. The recommendation is that it be encapsulated.

This week she wrote and distributed a flyer to let people know that there would be a big change in the neighbourhood ...

officialplanconvoDear Editor:

In response to media release from the City of Owen Sound on August 30, City Council Stands Steadfast with Owen Sound Police Services to Resolve Recent Homicide in River District

The response from the Mayor and City Council does not go far enough to recognize Sharif Rhaman's murder as an experience that has shattered our community's sense of safety, order, justice, predictability and connection in the world ...


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