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classroomMy Mom was the first Special Ed teacher hired by the Peel Board of Education. Just about every summer she spent in Toronto taking classes to upgrade her qualifications. By the time she retired, the trail she blazed in education was well-recognized and ...

Screenshot 2020 10 18 Sing For Your Supper Limited Edition PrintHere’s the problem. Our economic health depends on a high level of consumption. To achieve this, we want people to make money and then spend it. However, right now people need a job in order to make money. That is why we hear the mantra, “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” The problem is that it doesn’t take full employment to provide all the goods and services that we would ever need.

Why not then pay people to consume?


Within the first few months after being elected Mayor of the city of Owen Sound I came to some conclusions and I shared them with the City Manager at the time. “I have concluded” I said, “that the residents could probably get along quite nicely without you and me but they could not get along without the people who collect our garbage, look after the Wastewater Treatment plant, fix the leaks in our water pipes, repair our roads, monitor our water supply…” I went on but the message is clear. ...

staysafe- by Barbara Fletcher

I have written before about the hazards of my line of work, especially for those of us who work in home-care; the hazard came home to roost for me this past week when I came down with a viral illness, the symptoms of which began on Saturday in the wee hours of the morning.

Sore throat, cough, congestion, runny nose, intermittent headache, tiredness. ...

speakingI am writing to you today about a topic that has been in our local newspapers recently – bullying. This is my first letter to an editor. This letter is not meant to be a political commentary but a personal observation.

Bullying is wrong. We all know that. We can all agree ...


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