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vaccination 5502056 640A family friend who lives in Guelph just got a PHONE CALL from public health saying he's eligible for a 4th dose. "Is Monday morning convenient?"

Did I mention he lives at home and isn't in a nursing home?

This family friend in Guelph got his previous doses the same way. Not time spent on the Hunger Games Vaccination Portal ...

realestatetribuneRe: Simcoe County homelessness numbers soaring according to new data

The increase in rent is at the base of the issue. I am no expert nor an economist; I can only speak about what I have observed.

In Owen Sound real estate prices have soared, which is the same as in the rest of Canada. In our city the buyers of rental housing are largely corporations. ...

drivethroughDear Members of Council,

I understand you will be voting on approval for a drive-through in a proposed business at the corner of 10th St. E and 9th Ave. E.

I request you deny this drive-through proposal. ...

womenofinfluenceDear City of Owen Sound,

Your words are Most Powerful  - “Break The Bias/Equality & Inclusion”.

I do understand how agencies/promoting departments utilize ‘Stock Pics’ for imagery on their sites. ...


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