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Unhoused FarmersMarket 01 28Sep22Dear Mayor Boddy, Mr. Simmonds and members of Owen Sound City Council

As members of Rebound and as citizens of Owen Sound, we would like to thank all of you, the former Council and the new, for your hard work on behalf of our fine city. We are truly appreciative.

One of the most pressing issues that emerged during the election campaign is that too many of our residents are homeless.

aldouglasRe: Progress on the cost of our Fire Department

I am a retired firefighter and have engaged Mr Tamming through private email in the past. He has acknowledged that he or those informing him have not always had accurate information.

I will address a couple of his comments in as neutral a way as I can. Yes we lost our manning clause in the last arbitration. To wit daily staffing is not generally affected each platoon has six assigned firefighters.

jack o lanterns 5674148 640It's the morning after Hallowe'en in Owen Sound, and everyone is talking about the children who helped themselves to maybe more than the usual amount of candy in the self serve bowls that some residents had put out.

This horror story is one that has been shared over 180 times on a Facebook profile. The comments discuss trying to hunt down the girls so that some amount of justice ...

meghanrobertsonharbour- by Meg Robertson

It has been such a privilege to meet and speak with so many Owen Sound residents over the course of this municipal election campaign. I will carry your interests and your concerns with me, and speak to them while I continue to volunteer on the operations committee. ...

Jon Farmer WEB 8962When I filed my nomination papers in July I hoped that the campaign would give me an opportunity to talk both about the things I love about Owen Sound and the ways that municipal government could help us to better address our challenges. Many of our challenges – housing scarcity, an affordability crisis, infrastructure deficits, financial constraints, the drug poisoning epidemic, managing growth, and the climate crisis – are so great that they demand new and deeper collaboration. I have had hundreds of conversations during this campaign that proved that people in Owen Sound care


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