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latop typingRE: Some questions about Kamloops: rushing to judgement without the facts - Brian Giesbrecht’s op-ed in the Winnipeg Sun, June 5/21

“It is not clear at this point how many of the bodies detected were residential students. It’s also not clear that there was even anything sinister about ...

bobsforestI own a 50-acre forest south of Williamsford and I’m trying to make it as worthless as I can. You may ask, “Why would you do that, Bob?” It turns out that the value of my property is measured in what you could strip from it. As a result, I’m in the process of selling those rights immediately. I’m selling the rights to strip it ...

broken statueCome sit with me on this bench in Charlottetown, beside our first Prime Minister and talk. Here he is, sitting comfortably at one end, legs crossed, his top hat beside him, head turned toward us in expectation of a conversation.

We could ask him about the ...

water raw sewageEvery month I get a News Letter from my MP Alex Ruff, whom I hold in high respect, as far as politicians are concerned....BUT this months’ “Question of the month”,



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