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Dear Editor:

Received my Legion Magazine today. Secure in a plastic sleeve that also had a clothing catalogue atlasformen slipped in.

The items appear quite attractive and well made. But my family decided a couple of years ago, that wherever possible we would buy Canadian.

Not an easy task, but we have managed in most cases. I called the atlasformen phone given in the catalogue, and after some hesitation was advised that, yes, their products are made in China.  

While I understand, that in our capitalist economy profit trumps ANY other consideration, including Canadian Veterans and workers, I am extremely disappointed the Royal Canadian Legion is following the example of our major retail chains in almost exclusively promoting items made in China. 

Our Federal government is already doing an excellent job in exporting our well paying manufacturing jobs to countries on the far side of the Pacific Ocean. They are doing it without my consent, but there is little I can do about that. 

I have a proposal that I believe is fair to all interested parties concerned. Preferably by government, but if not, you can only accept advertisements that display the country of origin. It would give Canadians who share my concerns, the ability to make an educated choice.

Simple, eh?

With Respect,
Karl Braeker 

image: atlasformen Facebook



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