skin colourMy Skin is White
C. Taylor

We have nothing in common, do you see?
You are you, and I am ...

komodo- by Paul Vanwyck

OWEN SOUND – A local discovery that may prove lake monsters still exist has sold for more than four times the appraised value at auction in New York yesterday.

Known as the 'Serpent's Tooth', the 10 cm long tooth was discovered on the east side of...

nypolice- by Paul Vanwyck

NEW YORK – Police have taken a bite out of crime in the Big Apple by catching the crooks who allegedly stole the 'Serpent's Tooth'.

New York Detective Paul Surrest says the ...

police-1141040 640- by Paul Vanwyck

OWEN SOUND - The mysterious object known as the 'Serpent's Tooth' is now part of another mystery: who stole it last night?

The criminal or criminals stole a car and rammed it into a hydro pole, taking out the power at Monstrous...

tooth- Paul Vanwyck

OWEN SOUND- A world renowned scientist says the object found in the Owen Sound harbor known as the 'Serpent's Tooth' is not a fossil.

In late March it was revealed that a local diver had found a...


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