skin colourMy Skin is White
C. Taylor

We have nothing in common, do you see?
You are you, and I am me
But we share something

My skin is white, yours is brown
My hair is up, yours is down
But we share something

My eyes are pale, yours are dark
My tongue has bite, yours has bark
But we share something

My past is easy, yours is tough
My eyes are closed, yours are open enough
But we share something

My feet are careless, yours are kind
My hands are smooth, yours are lined
But we share something

My boots are plastic, yours are hide
My love is money, yours is pride
But we share something

My story is new, yours is old
But we share something, you and me
If you look closer, you might see

But who am I to put you second?
I have started each line with ‘my’, I reckon
We share something it is so, but what? Will we ever know?

My judgement is quick, yours is slow
My bar is high, yours is low
The something is life, the thing we share

Life will always and forever be there
To pass on to the next generation
I wonder if they will view it as an obligation.

Something we have left for them to fix
The differences just do not mix
But if we share this thing called life

What will we do to make it right?
It must change, we must move forward
Your skin is brown, mine is white


Golden Ear
C. Taylor

I want to have a golden ear
No not silver, no not bronze
I want to listen, I want to learn

I won’t talk I promise
I will just sit, and listen
You are the only voice in the room

So as you talk, please speak slowly
For there is so much that I need to hear
I want to have a golden ear


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