Asian Heritage Month 2021



Pearly1by Pearly Chua-Nordlund
I am a 5th-generation Chinese Peranakan on my mother side and a 3rd-generation Chinese Peranakan on my father side. So, who are the Chinese Peranakans and ...

Lijie4by Cao Li Jie

Before we moved to Canada we lived in Pattaya,Thailand for 7 years. Before that we lived in Shanghai,China where I met my husband who was there for 6 years. He is the only ...

onigiri01by Yuko Ueno Velaitis

I love talking about food. I love trying foods I am not familiar with, and I love learning about foods and their backgrounds.

I grew up in ...

10by Lin Liu

The Chinese garden is a landscape garden style which has over three thousand years’ history. The landscape design is deeply impacted by ...


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