During an election, Anne Finlay-Stewart walked into a Tai Chi class with a sheaf of papers.

It was a newsletter with her take on how the issues in that election connected with our community. The newsletter was informative and thought provoking.

After class, she went to observe the city council meeting ...


billcartoon-  by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It costs $5 to file a freedom of information request with your local municipality.   In response, you will get an estimate of the staff time required to compile the informaton you request, and you can decide whether it's worth it to you.

A taxpayer in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula went through this process simply to learn how their local government had allocated resources ...

southbridgeowensoundFor our aging community, especially those with loved ones on a long-term care waiting list, closure of a facility to new admissions is of particular concern.

At 160 beds, the new Southbridge Owen Sound represents over 37% of all long-term care resident spaces in the city.

busforhealthcareIn collaboration with the Ontario Health Coalition, the Grey Bruce County Health Coalition, Co-chaired by Norah Beatty and Brenda Scott,  organized a very successful mass protest against the privatization of our public hospitals to for-profit hospitals and clinics.  This protest was a continuation of the fight back that saw over 10,000 people in Grey and Bruce Counties say “No” in a referendum last May. More then 400,000 people in the province also voted no.  

TruthReconciliation 30Sep23 feather"Truth is not an easy subject."

The words of Chief Greg Nadjiwon, of the community of Neyaashiinigmiing, were clear in the stilled air.

"Reconciliation is not an easy task."

A people's sorrow and pain were also clear ...



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