In collaboration with the Ontario Health Coalition, the Grey Bruce County Health Coalition, Co-chaired by Norah Beatty and Brenda Scott,  organized a very successful mass protest against the privatization of our public hospitals to for-profit hospitals and clinics.  This protest was a continuation of the fight back that saw over 10,000 people in Grey and Bruce Counties say “No” in a referendum last May. More then 400,000 people in the province also voted no.  The latest protest was held at Queen’s Park, on Monday, September 25 and also in Dryden, Thunder Bay and Algoma.  As many as 10 thousand people were in attendance at Queen’s Park.  Two buses from Grey and Bruce Counties brought passionate protesters to Toronto.  Below are just a few of the observations made by people who travelled to Toronto.  These comments are a snapshot of the day and the benefits of supporting initiatives that send a strong message to the Government.  People want access to care based on need, not the ability to pay and not on where you live.

I am grateful for being able to attend.  I brought my mother and I was so motivated by the speakers and even brought near tears at times to think of OUR social systems that are under attack by this government without any consent from the people.  I came away more encouraged to connect with my union to demand fair wages for nurses in Ontario.

Michelle, Registered Practical Nurse

I had a moving encounter, for a big city girl, with a woman from Tilbury, who gave us a very clear picture of how rural areas are being decimated of healthcare.  There was a litany of things and she carried a large poster, hand inscribed with a quotation by Tommy Douglas about how we look after one another not just ourselves.


It was the perfect day for the protest.  We got to speak to people from around the province and hear first hand how Ford’s privatization of health care is affecting their communities.


I found it an energizing experience and got some ideas to move the movement forward into other groups.  I was happy to see and hear so many people speak of issues of concern.  The rally was very well organized and having a lovely day was certainly a bonus.


I think the rural areas feel their deprivations more acutely then the GTA, where I live.  Their services have been abruptly shut down and this has caused hardship. I think that all of these closed facilities were built with extensive local fund-raising as a result of an identified need that still exists.  As more people have to come to the GTA for medical services we will feel the cuts more than just longer wait times.


The event was a very positive experience.  Some of the detail that was described was new to me but only reinforced the critical need for public health care.  The speakers were passionate and clear.  I was especially impressed with the support from so many unions. It was also very impressive that the opposition parties were front and centre and that their message was clearly unified.  I was especially impressed with the leader of the NDP.  Maybe our hospital (Meaford) will become a hub for cataract surgery but lose emergency care…perhaps then our folk will wake up.


Protest was very well attended. Noon to 2pm on time.  Buses arrived and left on time.  Lots of speakers.  Very well presented.


It was an encouraging afternoon.  I was impressed with the strong union turnout and the number of buses coming from out of town.  There was mention of the demonstrations in other  communities such as Dryden and Thunder Bay.  Truly a province wide collaboration.  The rural areas and small communities have been devastated.  The program included mention of Tommy Douglas and the history of publicly funded health care.



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