council chambers landscapeMunicipal elections are only 8 months away, October 24 of this year. A few people have asked me if they should run. As a rookie city councilor, I thought I’d offer ...

arraatcouncil- by John Tamming

On March 29, 2021, Dr. Ian Arra, our regional Medical Officer of Health, attended before Owen Sound City Council. He was clearly furious that as a city councillor I had the temerity to publicly question both his $300,000 bonus and the large turnover of senior staff at the health unit. Dr. Arra ended his prepared remarks of half an hour with the open fantasy and wish that a city founder emerge from the grave and take a flamethrower to a certain city councillor’s seat.

wordshavepower- by Wendy Priestnitz

I can smell the anger out there these days. And I certainly read it on social media. I worry about that. I worry that we're allowing the anger and polarization to metastisize into something that won't easily heal and may, in fact, be fatal. Other problems have stealthily been developing into crises while we've been occupied by Covid-19: ...

highwaterDear Editor:

Together with the rest of city council, I welcome interlocutors such as Jon Farmer, who has opined on our approach to both affordable housing and climate change. He does not like our look on either issue.

For the record, Mr. Farmer appeared at Public Question Period at a city council meeting and asked ...


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