virtualmedicine- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor 

Rob Gowan of the Sun Times has done an excellent clarifying dive into the Virtual Care story.

You'll find my editorial take below.

exitrunning- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It is 2023.

Surely by now we thought that men would know there were workplace consequences for suggestive comments, unwanted touching, and stalking on social media.

- by Michael Craig, Owen Sound trustee, representing his opinions, not official policy of the Bluewater District School Board

Doug Ford, Ontario‘s Premier, recently weighed in on the roles of school boards, teachers and parents in teaching sex education:  “Most important is the parents’ rights, the parents’ rights to listen and make sure they are informed when their children make a decision.  You know it’s not up to the teachers, it’s not up to the school boards, to indoctrinate our kids…” 

stopgapIt is unfathomable to me that a City that is trying to convince its citizens of its commitment to community safety, diversity, equity and inclusion would at the same time be attempting to disband its own Accessibility Advisory Committee on short notice without public discussion or debate. ...

Screen Shot 2023 09 17 at 7.48.09 AM- by Phil McNichol

It may have been August 30 when I first saw the new ‘park boundary’ and ‘no hunting’ signs posted on both sides of Cathedral Drive north of my property at the end of the ‘No Exit’ gravel road. I’d been away on a long trip and took a couple of days to rest up at home before going up that way with the tractor.

My first thought was the signs might have something to do with a possible out-of-court, negotiated settlement of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) land and water claim


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