fastfoodRob Leonard, long-time cook and host of Mom and Pop Eateries on RogersTV, posted the following on Facebook, and we shared it with our readers.

"We are now officially into the busiest time of year for restaurants particularly in the vacation areas.Many many reports of being understaffed forcing eateries to alter their hours or close completely.What happened? I'd like to hear from former hospitality workers ...

sheadadbrother- by Shea Angus

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States has overturned Roe v. Wade. Effectively, this means that abortion is no longer recognized as a constitutional right, and it is up to each State to determine its' own laws regarding abortion. Until this ruling America was actually a rare place where abortion was recognized as a right as opposed to just something that was legal. In Canada for example, abortion is not ...

officialplanconvo- by Pat Kelly 

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In order for Owen Sound to improve economic, social, and cultural growth, we must first improve on the level of safety and continue to enhance the well-being of residents who are vulnerable due to social, economic or health related risk factors.

A key step in addressing issues is the Grey Bruce Community Safety ...

sharpsdisposed- by Pat Kelly

When I sit at my favorite café on the main street of downtown Owen Sound, I love the streetscape of old buildings and clusters of benches. The public artwork and murals, the hardware store with the tea-pot tree in the window, the knitted art-work in the wool shop, the fabulous cheese store, the cyclists and tourists coming to town for summer always makes me feel more alive in our town full of possibilities.



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