farmpavedLet's talk about the Greenbelt.

A quick refresher on what's been happening:

Back in November, the Ontario Government announced that it would open up 7,400 acres of the Greenbelt to build 50,000 new homes ...

graduation 1695185 6401- by David Clark

Education is important at the personal and community, well, actually the country, level. The better educated the population, the better off society is. Well, that is my thesis.

As education levels have changed in Ontario since the 2001 census so have the levels in Grey, Bruce, and Owen Sound; they have improved but are still ...

michaelcraig - by Michael Craig, Bluewater District School Board Trustee for Owen Sound

In my December trustee report I expressed frustration that Bluewater schools in Grey and Bruce counties scored rather poorly in comparison with others in Ontario on the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessments of grade three and ten students’ literacy and math skills. I am encouraged that our teachers and administrators are committed to improving in these areas ...

harbourowensound- by Rob Leonard

With so many people calling for more big box retail, more restaurants and more stores to open in a mall when the traditional mall model is a thing of the past, Owen Sound needs to be looking elsewhere ...

CathyHird 21Dec22

As we watch others around us, we see paths that are easy to walk and some that look to be nearly impossible.

But a shut door is not the end of the story ...


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