metalscrap- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

A few council meetings ago, Owen Sound resident Harold Crigger stepped up to the microphone at public question period and asked about the spikes and nails he was riding his bike over on city roads.

A councillor asked staff how often the gutters were cleaned on city streets, and. . .

electricbus- by David Greenfield

This was originally shared with my friends on Facebook and then with our local candidates. Even though I present it as a guide, it is not . . .

girl jeans kid 236215By Jon Farmer and Esther Gieringer.
Whether we’re talking about food, shelter, education, or safety, children need the support of caring adults to meet their needs. We hear that “children are our future” but they are also frequently the victims of all types of violence. As we mark Child Abuse Prevention Month this October, we need to consider all of the ways that we can support children in our communities...

Make Muskrat Right 0- by Matthew Behrens

Last week, I was firmly shown the door at NDP national headquarters in Ottawa for the shocking impertinence of seeking to speak with someone about the party's refusal to condemn an . . .




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